Yields: 4 servings


2 lb lamb shoulder chops about 1 " thick salt pepper 1/2 c guiness 1 lb new potatos 1 lb baby carrots peeled 1 pint pearl onions peeled (i quartered regular onions) 4 cups lamb stock (i used beef) 2 tb dark roux (i added some flour) 2 tb chopped parsley leaves season meat with salt and pepper add oil to dutch oven over medium heat sear 2-3 minutes each side remove chops add beer and cook one minute scrapping up pieces in pit put lamb back in to pan toss the vegetables with salt and pepper and add to pan cover with stock bring liquid to boil cover and reduce heat to medium low simmer for about 2 hours until lamb falls off bone stir in the roux and cook 10 more minutes stir in parsley and spoon in to serving bowls (make sure you get all the bones out) Exported from Home Cookin 5.4 (www.mountain-software.com)

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