Silver Mine

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thomas halsted st 1921 agnes joseph and parker amesbury 1913 grandma parker amesbury ma 1937 agnes graduatuion 1903
agnes and joseph april 9 1944 easter sunday agnes 1937 amesbury ma agnes age 2and a half joseph at beach
joseph agnes agnes at beach salisbury beach  july 1911 at nh beach
agnes salisbury beach jly 11 buggy agnes mary ann sabma parker agnes and joseph wedding announcement
agnes and joseph agnes nevins aug 1911 family gathering guys in amesbury
agnes with joseph with doll nice pipe aunt beth
whos there formal with cane german soldier
backyard joseph business for the birds agnes at church
beach place rowing with deer former nevins home longmeadow ma 1952
grandparents hola    the three musty tears jockey joseph
magdelena kling grandmother nevins mrs charles parker mother of agnes news clips 1a race horse
joseph 7 agnes and joseph 6 agnes parker 1909 agnes parker salisbury 1910
agnes and joseph1 nh beach place joseph the german main st amesbury ma about 1900
thomas joseph parker agnes amesbury 1914 with parker in front yard beach
halstead st agnes death notice agnes lake winnipasaukee nh 1912 agnes sunday feb 20 1910
cathys christening, joseph nevins and catherine and willard hermes labeled as downtown amesbury 1910 but  is actually galveston tx e s levy store elizabeth agnes salisbury beach july 1909 grandpa and bill hermes 1950
grandpa and grandma in front of amesbury house joseph 1919 with horse joseph and agnes
magdelena grandmother newark nj 1860 couple joseph w tree mother and parker amesbury 1913
nevins 95 old timers on the rocks on winapausakee
patrick patrick joseph nevins age 50 in 1907 patrick joseph nevins march 17 1889 sunday feb 20 1910
the parker family katherine mary anne martin elizabeth agnes age 4 women mountshannon burial site agnes prayers
with spot thomas a jr salisbury beach july 1911 agnes and robert  1919
amesbury 1914 binnies dad 1944 they forgot to put on the belt  this is the outfit gene sent home