We have been visiting the Cape since we first knew each other and for a while Joellyn's parents lived there.  In fact, we were married there.  We still visit every summer and for quite a few years now we have been camping at the Woodlot, which is a very small campground off Rt. 6a in Brewster.  Unfortunately Mr. Chase has passed on so now we are visiting the state parks on the cape again.


capewoodlotsign.jpg (30856 bytes)     The Woodlot

2002capecamper.jpg (505122 bytes)     Our camper, it is an Aliner, which we enjoy a lot, it is just right for the 2 of us.

2002capecampsite.jpg (545530 bytes)     Our campsite

2002capefireplace.jpg (515602 bytes)     The community fireplace

2002capepaulhammock.jpg (481834 bytes)     Paul relaxes well!

2002caperelax.jpg (503796 bytes)     As does Joellyn

2002capebogbox.jpg (523193 bytes)     An old cranberry harvest box

2002capeshower.jpg (435417 bytes)     The very Cooooooooooold showers!

2002capebeachbirds.jpg (362273 bytes)     Seagulls on Marconni beach

2002capeblueflowers.jpg (379775 bytes)     Cape flowers

2002capecardinal.jpg (395180 bytes)     Cape Cod Cardinal (not a member of the Orleans Cape Cod League though)