Tom is the Dad here.  He is also the web page maker and chief photographer. So there are not too many pictures of him here which is just fine!

Tom is retired and has been for a while now.....he is enjoying it and does not miss the commute one bit!!


I enjoy the outdoors, just being outdoors, walking Boston and Cambridge and trying the restaurants there, photography and I enjoy cooking and different recipes, which I'm ok at, but get a certain amount of complaints about my neatness! (or lack thereof).... Joellyn and I have been enjoying Geocaching, have found some and have hidden some. Recently I have been playing with software that can make your photos look like paintings.  See some here!


I also enjoy weather and yes it does change a lot up this way.  I do have a weather station though and have finally gotten it on the internet, look for weatherunderground station KMATOWNS5 .

Click here for the weather here!!

We have also discovered the joy of grandchildren!!!!! As most grandparents, I'm sure, do!